Wuxn WXR 3D Printer
Wuxn WXR 3D Printer
Wuxn WXR 3D Printer

Wuxn WXR 3D Printer

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 The Wuxn WXR is our flagship 3D printer, designed to be a "turn-key" solution for users of all skill levels. It offers a powerful and user-friendly ecosystem, consisting of:

  1. Wuxn WXR Printer
  2. WuxnSlicer Software
  3. Wuxn Classic Filament

Together, these components deliver exceptional print quality, improved part strength, and fast speeds. 

Our goal with the Wuxn WXR is to make 3D printing accessible and effortless for everyone, whether you're new to the technology or simply looking for a more reliable and user-friendly machine.


"This Printer is Ultimaker reliability at a fraction of the cost. Totally Impressed!"
Kevin T.



Main Features

  • The Plug-and-Play Simplicity of the Wuxn WXR is designed to be incredibly easy to set up. Simply attach the spool holder and plug it in. Each Wuxn WXR is thoroughly inspected, fully assembled, and tested prior to shipment to ensure that it is ready to run straight out of the box.

  • User-Friendly Interface eliminates the need for tedious and time-consuming calibration. The built-in Wuxn Wizards guide you through the setup process and automatically calibrate the machine for you. With a total of seven wizards available, you can easily adjust the machine, filament, and first layer to your desired settings with ease.

  • Attain Unmatched Printing Precision. Reach the highest level of accuracy and quality without any additional adjustments or modifications. This system is capable of printing with a tolerance of 0.05mm, ensuring the best precision and quality in every print.

  • Silent Operation of the printer makes it easy to ignore while printing. Despite its robust printing capability, the noise it generates is a mere 55 decibels. 

  • The Automated Interaction feature allows for seamless filament loading with just the press of a button. The Wuxn Gears will automatically handle loading and purging the material as it enters the extruder. The Wuxn WXR also offers the option for offline printing through the use of an SD card. Once the card is inserted into the control display, the device will automatically display the most recent G-Code file for quick and easy printing.

  • The Wuxn WXR is built with High-Quality Components, designed and assembled in the USA. Our commitment to quality is evident in the standard features of the WXR, including a 4.3" full-color touchscreen, Slice Engineering Copperhead hotend, Wuxn stepper motors, a shielded automatic bed leveling sensor, dual cooling fans for parts, and an engineering-grade all-metal frame.

  • Complete 3D Printing Solution - To successfully 3D print, you need a printer, software, and filament. The Wuxn WXR delivers a smooth experience by providing the entire ecosystem. With over 3000 pre-configured settings, the Wuxn WXR is ready to start printing right out of the box.

Technical Features

  • Say goodbye to manual bed leveling with the Wuxn WXR. It automatically detects and compensates for uneven surfaces by creating a 7x7 mesh. This ensures a Flawless First Layer every time you print.

  • The Automatic Gantry Alignment feature of the Wuxn WXR 3D printer eliminates common problems such as Z banding and skewness, resulting in smooth vertical layers during object creation.

  • Experience Uniform Flow with the Wuxn WXR. Using a direct drive with specially designed Wuxn Gears, it guarantees consistent extrusion of filament. The elimination of "dual-drive geared teeth" ensures a smooth and steady flow of filament.

  • The Wuxn WXR equipped with Wuxn's own high-torque stepper motors and precision linear guide rails ensure Faster Precision Movement. The system's linear rails are manufactured to tighter tolerances than linear rods, the result is much more accurate movement with minimal play and binding.

  • The Wuxn WXR Simplifies the Part & Support Removal process with its innovative print surface and settings. The custom textured PEI film ensures easy removal of printed parts without the need for additional tools. Additionally, the specialized print settings make removing support material a simple and hassle-free task.


Build Volume

25x21x25 cm (9.84x8.3x9.84) in

Layer Height



0.4mm default

Filament Diameter


Supported Filaments

PLA, PLA+, Silk PLA, PLA-CF, PET, PETG, CF-PETG, ASA, CF-ASA, ABS, CF-ABS, PVS, Nylon, CF-Nylon, TPU, TPE, HIPS, Polycarbonates (PC), CF-PC, Wood-Polymer Composites, Hemp-Polymer Composites, & Metal-Polymer Composites (Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel 316L, Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel 17-4).

Wuxn Classic Filament: PLA, PETG, ASA, ABS, & TPU. 

Max Travel Speed

250 + mm/s

Max Nozzle Temp.

300 °C / 572 °F

Max Hotbed Temp.

120 °C / 248 °F



Direct Drive, Wuxn gears, Slice Copperhead 

Print Surface

Custom PEI textured removable magnetic steel sheet with cold corners compensation

Printer Dimensions (without spool)

44x53.5x48 cm (17x21x19) in




PLA settings: 80W Consumption

ABS settings: 120W Consumption

WuxnSlicer Software

The Wuxn WXR printer is equipped with advanced printing configurations, which are already set up in the WuxnSlicer software. This allows you to begin printing without delay. The steps are straightforward: download a 3D model, upload it to the software, and initiate the slicing process. 

When choosing a printing profile, you have the option of selecting "GoTo, Strong, or Fast". The GoTo profile is suitable for most printing projects, but for situations where you require a stronger finished product or faster printing speed, you may opt for the Strong or Fast profiles, respectively.

WuxnSlicer is an enhanced version of Ultimaker Cura, with ongoing improvements made to the software. The program includes a variety of features such as over 3000 pre-configured settings, the Arachne Engine, an improved user interface, an optimized process for selecting materials and profiles, and the ability to create custom support structures.

Discount Program

When you buy a Wuxn WXR 3D Printer, you'll automatically receive a 10% discount on all future purchases of Wuxn products, including additional WXR printers, filament, and parts.

To redeem your discount, simply create a Wuxn account, make your initial purchase of a WXR printer at full price, and your account will be credited with a discount code for use on future orders.

Sample Prints

Support & Documentation

Quick Start Guide ->

When you receive your Wuxn WXR, you'll find a Quick Start Guide in the box to assist you with unpacking, setting up, and your first print. Download the latest version of the QSG here.

User's Manual ->

The Quick Start Guide is complemented by the User's Manual, The User’s Manual provides deeper insight into the unboxing, componentry, calibration, software, maintenance, and printing with the Wuxn WXR. Download the latest version of the User's Manual here.

Wuxn WXR Source Files ->

The Wuxn WXR firmware, software, and 3D printed components have been made open source and are available for download. Access our Github Pages to change the color of your Wuxn WXR, fix broken printed parts, or build and compile the code.

WuxnSlicer ->

WuxnSlicer is the recommended software for converting 3D objects into specific instructions for Wuxn 3D printers. Download the latest version of WuxnSlicer here.

Reasons to Buy

  1. American Designed & Assembled

The Wuxn WXR is the product of extensive development by a dedicated team of engineers based in Colorado, USA. The printer has undergone over 50,000+ hours of repeatability testing to ensure reliability. By purchasing the WXR, you are supporting a local small business and contributing to the success of Wuxn 3D.

  2. WuxnCare

Each Wuxn WXR comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so you can buy with confidence. In addition, you'll have access to our top-notch customer support, which can help you with everything from planning and installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance. If you want even more peace of mind, you can purchase WuxnCare+ as a 1-year extended warranty for an additional fee.

  3. Built-in User Safety

The safety of our users was a primary consideration in the design of the Wuxn WXR. The printer features multiple thermistors, which allow it to continuously monitor temperature and identify potential problems, thereby preventing damage before it may occur.

  4. Open-Source

The Wuxn WXR firmware, software, and printed parts are open-source, giving you the flexibility to make modifications, perform maintenance and personalize the machine to suit your needs.

  5. Privacy

Wuxn does not keep track or record any information related to the files you use for printing. You can enjoy 3D printing without the concern that your data will be monitored, tracked or used without your knowledge.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jake (Denver, US)
Even better than expected

This is my first 3d printer, and I couldn't be happier with it.
I did a lot of research on what I should buy, and had actually just ordered a Prusa MK3S+ right before I found Wuxn. I saw the parts the WXR was made with and that Wuxn was a small business local to me in Colorado, so I decided to take a chance on it and cancelled the Prusa order. It was a great choice.
My WXR has been running almost non-stop since I got it two weeks ago, and the only failed print I've had was my own fault for fiddling with the print while it was in progress.
It was super easy to get setup out of the box, and it was packed very well. From unsealing the box to printing the calibration cube was only about 15-20 minutes.
If you're on the fence about Wuxn because they are smaller and less known than the big brands, just go for it. The WXR is a fantastic machine.

mike e. (Alamogordo, US)
I like it!

Delayed my review until I could print w/ some NylonX which will be the normal filament for it.

First went through a full roll of the supplied PLA with excellent results! Printed wo/anything on the build plate and the supplied settings in Cura. Every print went smoothly and just popped off the build plate.

Next replaced the nozzle with a 0.4 steel one and changed the ASA settings for NylonX. Took some 220 grit sandpaper to a piece of Garolite then taped it to one side of the build plate. When I started printing, the nozzle was to low so went to the Cura Marketplace and installed the Z offset plugin then change it from 0 to 1 mm. After that - perfect! Again, nothing else was used on the build plate.

Exactly what I wanted, easy printing of Nylon. The pieces are coming out smooth and very strong.
The photos show the tape I used with the piece still on the plate and a closer view of the end result.

Loc T. (San Jose, US)
Best trouble free 3D printer!

Works out of the box. Don’t be alarmed that it makes weird noises during x, y, x calibration, just let it be and it will finish. Then print to whatever you want, trouble free.

Shawn L. (Beckley, US)
Great purchase

This printer has amazed me since the day I ordered it from the customer service before the purchase to get things going until it showed up at my house. I've had nothing but a good experience purchasing this printer. It was packaged perfectly and shipped to me quickly. Then the set up was almost completely done when I unboxed the printer. The built in wizards took care of the initial set up and perfect first print. Since then I've noticed the attention to detail with only the best parts and wizards for almost everything. Extremely happy withy purchase this is my 6th printer and by far the most favorite.

Kevin T. (Memphis, US)
Impressive Printer

The first time I used the WXR, I was impressed. The print quality was as good or better than my Ultimaker S5. User friendly display and wizard calibration setup makes using this printer a real pleasure compared to other printers. But I chose this printer because it checks all the boxes on what I wanted, such as removeable magnetic flex bed, runout sensor, mesh bed leveling, linear rails, super quiet operation, large color touchscreen, dual direct drive, Slice Copperhead extruder, 32 bit board, made in the USA, and all open source. Then there's the Cura based custom slicer software with preconfigured settings that make using the WXR so easy. It's a more expensive printer than an Ender but the quality is so much higher and I hate using cheap foreign crap. This printer is Ultimaker reliability at a fraction of the cost. Totally impressed!

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