Wuxn WXR Printed Parts
Wuxn WXR Printed Parts

Wuxn WXR Printed Parts

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This download includes all of the printed parts needed for the Wuxn WXR 3D Printer. The WXR components were specifically created for simple printing on FDM printers. Each part features a flat surface and minimal overhangs, with no angles exceeding 50 degrees.


The majority of Wuxn WXR parts are printed using Wuxn Classic PETG. However, for parts near heaters, we suggest utilizing Wuxn Classic ASA instead. These parts include the Hotbed Adapter Bottom, Hotbed Adapter Top, and Fan Duct.

Print Settings

    For optimal durability and longevity, we highly suggest implementing WuxnSlicer's "Strong" profile, which utilizes:

    • Wall Line Count = 5
    • Infill Density = 40%
    • Top Layers = 7
    • Bottom Layers = 6

    Generate support material for these two components:

    • Front Fan Bracket
    • Mainboard Case