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Here at Wuxn™ we provide the highest level of product quality and functionality by hand crafting all of our products in the USA. Dedicated towards the Open Source movement all of the firmware and hardware for Wuxn™ products is available to everyone to help understand and better 3D printing technologies. Our plan is to continue to grow and evolve into the world’s leading 3D printing retailer by distributing the most advanced 3D printers such as the WX1™.
Our New FDM printer design is currently being put through the ringer by the 3D printing community and will be available for purchase soon!

Based in Fort Collins, CO, Wuxn™ LLC



To create a lot of change, we take a lot of big risks. The WXR™ is a 3rd -generation highly powered professional 3D printer designed from the ground up.

Open Source

4 Makers By Makers

As coronavirus spread rapidly the need for medical personal protective equipment (PPE) became too overwhelming for traditional manufacturing techniques. Wuxn™ and the global maker community came together and created open source designs to 3D print and distributed millions of PPE instruments to our health heroes. Wuxn™ would like to show its appreciation towards this cause by donating part of the proceeds from all Wuxn3d.com products back to the maker community


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