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Controlling vibrations is key to creating high speed, quality prints.

CREATED: SEP 6, 2023 11:05 AM MDT
November "X" marks the date of the Wuxn Quake Firmware release. Previously, we mentioned the features of this firmware and software update. The focus of this blog will be to touch on the specifics of how we achieved each feature and bug fix.  Sit back, grab your favorite snack (stay away from anything you can't pronounce), and enjoy the story of high-speed additive manufacturing created by Wuxn 3D.
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Controlling Vibrations

Our surrounding environments are filled with vibrations that can be seen, felt, or heard.  How are they produced?  What are the sources?  How can the sources be controlled?  Once a vibration (or waveform) source is identified and characterized, technology can apply to control the waveform.  By creating an “opposite” wave, or multiple waves, we can effectively attenuate or reduce the harmful waveform and create a “stable printing action”.  FYI, this same principle is employed in noise-canceling headphones, e.g., remove the undesired vibrations.

Our WXR Quake Firmware utilizes a “multiple waveforms (vibrations)” method to cancel out harmful vibrations for every movement of the printer.  This allows the Wuxn WXR to print at substantially increased speeds and accelerations with minimal system vibration.  However, the energy of these moves does not magically disappear. The energy of these constantly changing accelerations will translate into the table that your WXR rests upon.  Your workbench must be firm and stable to handle the motion and not introduce additional vibrations back into the table/printer combination.

Example of Accelerometer Data Collected from Wuxn WXR Y Axis and Input Shaper Waveform created by Wuxn Quake Firmware

Hypersensitive Electronics Positioning

The more accurately someone determines where an object (such as your printhead) was, the less accurately one could know where it was going, and vice versa. However, for a moment in time, WXR can accurately and precisely measure the position of each axis. 

As a stepper motor accelerates, decelerates, or travels at constant velocity, a back electro-motive force (EMF) waveform is created by the stepper motors.  This EMF can be characterized with the proper electronics and firmware.  The result of this characterization is flawless sensorless homing- a gentle tap at the hard stops precisely locates each zero position. Sensorless homing technology will find its way into future WXR releases.

Example of Stepper Motor Current vs Back EMF. Photo Credit: EDN

Weaving ABL Mesh (Automatic Bed Leveling)

ThreeD printers require flat and “perpendicular” print-plater surfaces.  The WXR measures and corrects any X gantry misalignment and then proceeds to capture 256 points to weave a topology “correction” mesh of the print surface.  This correction mesh is the foundation for the WXR to create incremental z height adjustments that produce uniform first layers- the foundation of the print.  We refer to this new enhanced bed leveling mesh as:

[Ṁ^8] = 2^8 = 256 mesh points

Redirecting Electrostatic Potential Energy

Static electricity is a phenomenon we must address when designing electronics, you see on a circuit board.  That “zap” you experience when you touch a doorknob is very harmful to sensitive computer chips (ICs).  A well-designed electronic device will redirect this electrostatic energy to ground.  But even that cannot stop every side effect of static discharge.  While we have added circuitry to ground static discharge, we have gone a step further, with this release.  If static discharge causes your display to freeze or “white screen”, simply press in and hold the selector knob for about 2 seconds to reinitialize the display and recover the info related to your active print.

Press In and Hold the Display Knob to Recover the Screen

WuxnSlicer 3.0

Wuxn 3D is now a proud sponsor of Ultimaker Cura.  Over the years Ultimaker has done an outstanding job by maintaining and distributing the most powerful open-source 3D printer slicer.  Wuxn 3D has forked Ultimaker Cura 5.4, creating the foundation of our new powerhouse software, WuxnSlicer 3.0

Less Waste, Faster Supports

We have to acknowledge and thank Thomas Rham for his monumental contribution to Cura’s update “tree supports”.   This remarkable work has been integrated into WuxnSlicer 3.0 allowing for faster print time (less time printing supports) and efficient use of material (less support volume).  Organic shapes and characters may be printed much more efficiently.

Dragon with New Tree Supports. Image Credit: Ultimaker Cura

Air Gapped Brim

Historically, brims are difficult to remove and clean-up.  The new smart brim setting allows for brims to be removed with ease, by increasing the air gap in between the part and the brim.

Cura-Cookies Created Using the New Smart Brim. Image Credit: Ultimaker Cura

Quake Speed Profiles

For high-speed 3D printing, the Wuxn WXR comes equipped with new “fast” profiles. These print profile settings have been developed to:

  • Reduce harmful vibrations, 
  • Reduce travel noise, 
  • Optimize flow and cooling rates for smooth, strong prints, 
  • Maintain Wuxn’s famous excellent print quality while rocking your world with new speed.  

Along with our new profiles, we have kept the old, beloved profiles. In WuxnSlicer 3.0 we have;

  • Strong (0.16 mm)
  • GoTo (0.2 mm)
  • Fast (0.2 mm) (input shaper enhanced)
  • Draft (0.25 mm) (previous Fast)

For the past six months we have enjoyed developing Wuxn Quake Firmware and WuxnSlicer 3.0, and we hope our users enjoy using it equally as much. For questions downloading or flashing the new firmware or software see our documentation or contact us at info@wuxn3d.com.  

Perfect Prints. Wuxn Wizards.

© 2023 Wuxn 3D

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