Wuxn Slicer Change Log

Wuxn Slicer Change Log

WuxnSlicer 1.2.6

WuxnSlicer 1.2.6 is the first installment of WuxnSlicer. Enjoy seemless printing with the preconfigured machine, material, and print profiles for the Wuxn 3D printers. WuxnSlicer has two themes, light and dark for both Windows and Machintosh. Along with the color enhancements each machine's build surface graphics have been embedded into the build volume for a more accurate physical representation.

Simply upload your 3D model into WuxnSlicer and slice the object with the preconfigured settings.

WuxnSlicer 1.2.7

WuxnSlicer 1.2.7 is the candidate developed to improve user experience and address numerous issues. The following is a list of the updates: + Defualt printer at install has been updated to reflect our newest 3D printer, the Wuxn WXR.
+ Removed erronous material selections.
+ Cleaned up duplicate and out-dated entries in the Print Profile settings.
+ Updated the default Print Profile Setttings from "Fine" to "GoTo".
+ All icons have been updated to reflect Wuxn's new logo.

Published by Wuxn LLC. * www.wuxn3d.com * info@wuxn3d.com.

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